Torres Vedras

Coordinates - +39° 5' 30.3936",-9° 15' 36.1218";

Fertile land with lots of different colours, Atlantic coast that makes us live waves of pleasure, rich gastronomy and people that welcomes you with open arms.

Close to Lisbon we are surprised by an area full of attractions for those who love landscapes contrast, history, sport, gastronomy and friendly people and very festive. Welcome to the municipality of Torres Vedras!
There is much to experience, so much to remember, among waves of pleasure, the sea, the wind, the weather ... Discover Torres Vedras.

Torres Vedras is famous for the Canival festivities. The Carnaval de Torres is the few carnival festivities which remain true to the traditions of the celebration of Shrovetide in Portugal. This carnival is distinguished in the celebration of the festival relying on spontaneous and massive participation of citizens.
Currently the Carnival of Torres is organized by the Municipality of Torres Vedras, by the Royal Confraternity of the Carnival of Torres and the municipal company organizing events promoters.

Torres Vedras is a Portuguese wine region centered on the town of Torres Vedras in the Lisboa wine region. The region is designated as Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOC), after it was promoted from its former Indicação de Proveniência Regulamentada (IPR) status. The high yields produced in this region have historically be used by bulk wine producers for inexpensive vinho de mesa (table wine) wines. The area was known by the shorthand "Torres" until Spanish wine producer Miguel A. Torres objected to the association with the region.

Notable citizens
Joaquim Agostinho (7 April 1942 - 10 May 1984), was a professional bicycle racer, Portuguese champion in six successive years, competed 13 times in the Tour de France (finishing all but once), won the Alpe d'Huez in 1979 (finished third twice). He died after colliding with a dog whilst leading in the Tour of the Algarve.